Ayya about the very beginning of her artistic career:“Tiksy town airport, I consider this place as a place where my artistic path had been started. I just had a 6th year old birthday and I was coming back from vacation with my parents. We had a flight to Yakutsk but because of the bad weather conditions, we landed to this small town. There was no weather forecast and we didn`t know for how long we were stuck in this place, so accommodation matter became very actual. At this time mobile phones and internet didn`t exist, so if you need an information, the only way how to get it was from information desk after passing a huge line. So my parents finally decided to do that, and left me with strict instructions to watch out for our huge trunk. At this time my favorite vinyl disc was “Fenist the Bright Falcon”, especially Agafon song. And taking into account my early and sentimental age, which nature is absence of any barriers and restrictions, I had an artistic discovery!I dragged my family huge trunk out to the airport hall center, sat into it and started singing:- Orphan I Orphan, sweet Orphan- Lonely epic in the field…So, of course people loved that and my mom turned red in the face. This is how she is expressing this episode: some grannies appeared right away with prays: “Oh my Gosh, where is parents of this sweet child?” and gave sweets and cookies to the artist! JAfter this performance parents decided that I have to go to music school, to direct my artistic attempts to right flow.”



              Ayya was born in a small town in Ural Mountains. At Ayya`s 9 months old, family moved to Sakha-Yakutiya republic to the Laptev sea coast where she spent part of her childhood. She went to her first music school at this town.In 1991 family moved to Noviy Yrengoy city. She went to local music school and continue to take music classes. At this time she wasn`t planning to become a music artist, she dreamed to be a veterinary doctor.In 1995 she graduated music school and after several months she was accepted to local vocal studio. Then vocal competition “Rainbow” took place, which she won.In 1997 another vocal contest “Polar Star” was held. It was a major local vocal happening with Moscow Judges from the Russian leading music college Gnesins`. She won a gran prix and was accepted to the Gnesins college without exams and tests. So she moved to Moscow to her study.In 2000 she graduated the college and started to work as a back vocal artist at the “L-Records” studio. At the same time she was recording her sole disc and performing at the various events with her sole program.In 2002 she sent her records to the casting to international vocal contest “New Wave”. She was talented and lucky enough to become a finalist of the contest. Which allowed to her to be noticed by US producer who represented artist from New York at “New Wave”. He offered to Ayya a cooperation with him and Sony music studio in New York City.In 2003 Ayya released her first album. Presentation took place in Noviy Yrengoy and it passed with great success!Right after the presentation Ayya flew to New York City and executed the contract with Sony music. She was very proud to be accompanied by Usher, Wu-Tang, DMX, Roberta Flack, Brandy, EVE and other well-known US and international stars.Nowadays Ayya is a very experienced vocal artist with impressive background of:- 2 vocal high class education graduated only with highest marks (Gnesins` State Music college of Pop-Jazz arts and University of modern art)- work as a leading vocal artist in international US–Russian vocal project “PlayGirls”- Sole album, lots of videos- performance on the legendary music band “Boyz II Men” show within their anniversary tour- reaching the final of Russian casting of international festival “Eurovision” and performance within fist 5 finalists with National TV broadcasting.- reaching the final of international contest “New Wave”- cooperation with Russian show-business stars, including: “White Eagle”, “Lolita”, “Glukoza”, “Alsu”, “Alexey Glyzin”, etc.- in concert tour collection Ayya has a track record of performances in such reputable concert halls, such as: “Olimpiysky”, “Kremlin Palace”, “Crocus City Hall” etc.All of the abovementioned – are just steps of her artistic path but this is just a start... 

Ayyashilova-official  |Москва| 2020

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